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"Tragedy struck Bethlehem when Ronney Lyster unexpectedly passed away on Sunday, March 25, 2018.  He was a founding member of Believe in Bethlehem
Ronney was born on December 26, 1954 in Dover, NH. He graduated from Exeter High School in 1972, went to post-graduate school at Phillips Exeter Academy and went to college at the University of New Hampshire.  He co-owned multiple automobile dealerships with his partner Abel and supported many community services. Hundreds of people attended afuneral service that was held at Durrell Church on Thursday, March 29, with the Rev. Aaron Cox officiating followed by a celebration of life gathering at the Maplewood Country Club."



Ronney Lyster - Bethlehem Resident


As a lifelong resident of Bethlehem with roots that go back over 100 years, I care greatly about the residents of my local community.

I am puzzled by the people who oppose the landfill expansion. They want to paint the project as a doomsday scenario with a negative impact on the appeal of our area.

I do not feel that the character or beauty of Bethlehem will be altered by the project whatsoever. If we lose the revenue and tax income from the proposed expansion, I can assure you that the business character of our town will be altered forever.

What business would want to come to a town with higher taxes?

I know that some of my friends are upset that the potential lost revenue from the current landfill will lead to another double-digit hike in taxes. This is a situation we can avoid!

We have successfully hosted our good neighbors at North Country Environmental Services for the past 24 years. They are great business people, most of whom live in North Country and care deeply about the beauty and environment of Bethlehem and New Hampshire.

From all accounts, visitors come here and never see the Landfill and consider Bethlehem to have the charm and beauty of what they expect our great New England town would have.

Ted Kennedy said, “If the economy is good, everything will follow”.

Let’s keep our taxes down and standards up. On March 13th, please VOTE YES on articles 4 and 22…for a brighter, healthier and more financially stable Bethlehem.


Ronney Lyster

Bethlehem, NH


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