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We are a citizen group whose mission is to preserve, promote and plan Bethlehem, NH's financial resources into the future.


5/21/18, To all Believe in Bethlehem:

Some have only signed a form, some have held a sign, some had posted signs on their property, and some only gave us words of support. All of you have helped in some way. We thank you for your past support and look forward to continue to build upon our past successes. 

BinB has not gone away. You represent a group of almost 500 people that voted to expand our tax base and put this town on a more sound financial position.  Please be reminded that there seems to be nothing new about the latest lawsuit. We are not making any further comment about specifics until there is more information available. More litigation and more disagreements continue to distract us.

There continues to be BiB meetings at homes or at the library community room. We continue to ask for your support. Your time in reading this letter is appreciated. Your desire to stay informed is appreciated. There are a few projects that we are supporting: the purchasing of a vote counting machine, a new flagpole for the Town Hall, a volunteer project to work on the Elementary school playground, we have ideas about the new trails project, and installing a new sidewalk from the elementary school to the center of town to name a few. 

The untimely death of Ronnie Lyster, one of our leading supporting citizens, has thrown a shock into all of us. I have had cause to reflect on this effort to make our town a great place to live. I have recommitted myself to this cause. I have been selected to be acting president of Believe in Bethlehem. I think we can also make Bethlehem better, overcome the disagreements, the questionable voting procedures, and inclement weather during voting day.

Some of you may not have voted last time. Things happen, the weather was bad, maybe there was a hard day at work, or something came up with the kids. It’s OK, we still need you. Don’t let scare tactics keep you away from the next vote.

If you have an email address it would save us time and money. Please send it to BinB2018@gmail.com. If you know anyone that wants to know more about Believe in Bethlehem ask them to contact me at binb2018@gmail.com. However, if you no longer wish to be on our mailing list or received this letter in error please let me know at binb2018@gmail.com 

Again, thank you for your support,

Peter Roy 486 South Rd, 869-2546

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What does it mean to you if you vote YES on a $54 million landfill agreement?

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  • Stops the need to sell off golf course
  • Continues free trash pickup
  • Continues Trudeau Road transfer station and swap shop

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